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Dubai Global Village: World’s largest tourism, leisure and entertainment festival

Shaily Kalra

global village dubaiDubai: The global village in Dubai has emerged as the largest global family festival in the world.

Dubai’s Global village has become a “gateway to the world”. It has 40 turnstiles and 40 ticketing kiosks. Tickets are also available online

This season about five million people from all parts of the world are expected to visit the Global village located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road Exit 37. Global Village operates 7 days a week, and opens its gates to visitors From Saturday to Wednesday from 4:00pm-12:00am, and opens until 1:00am on Thursday, Friday, and public holidays.

Global Village is the leading family cultural, shopping and entertainment destination in the region, with a unique shopping experience at 32 pavilions representing more than 75 countries with different cultures. In this season five of the most amazing festivals from around the world have come together in one show at Global Village. It has rightly been called a “Fiestaval”!

It is for the first time that Mexico to Russia and Japan are participating in the Dubai festival along with countries like Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon,Qatar,Syria,Africa,Jordan,America,Cambodia,Egypt,China,Germany, UK, France; Tunisia; India; Iraq; Italy,Malaysia; Morocco; Pakistan; Philippines, Spain,Singapore,Thailand,Turkey,UAE ,Vietnam, and Yemen.

For 19 seasons, Global Village has provided world class cultural and family entertainment, along with a cosmopolitan and diverse shopping experience to its millions of visitors. Guests are entertained with exclusive live performances, spectacular new rides, delicious international cuisines and authentic crafts and merchandise from its worldwide pavilions.

This season, which marks the 20th season of Global Village 2015-2016, is even bigger and better, with an expanded line-up of attractions, concerts and entertainment.
On its 20th season, it has introduced many new rides, like Crazy Golf (Children’s Ride); Cape fear Ghost Train (Family Ride) and Loop fighter (Thrill Ride) along with the rides 20 restaurants and 100 types of themed foods and drinks counters.

The grand global festival brings about different communities together under one roof, and everyone gets a chance to enjoy and experience the best food, dresses and the music of different cultures at the same venue.

The ongoing Global village festoval will continue till 9 April this year

GoI appoints panel to revamp film Censor Board

Newsroom24x7 Staff

Shyam Benegal
Shyam Benegal (photo courtesy: fb)

New Delhi: Government of India, obviously with the intervention of Prime Minister Modi to streamline the working of the Central Board of Film Certification, has constituted a Committee headed by renowned film personality Shyam Benegal for Holistic interpretation of the provisions of the Cinematograph Act and Rules.

the kiss spectreThe Board of film certification recently came under attack following the cuts imposed on long kisses between Spectre’s lead actors Daniel Craig and Monica Bellucci. Specte is the twenty-fourth James Bond film produced by Eon Productions. It is the direct sequel to the 2012 film Skyfall. The Board is also in the line of fire for clearing so many films made in India completely ignoring the extreme vulgarity, double meaning dialogues and projection of women in poor light.

An official statement released today said that in most countries of the world there is a mechanism or process of certifying feature films and documentaries. However it has to be ensured that in doing so, artistic creativity and freedom do not get stifled or curtailed and the people tasked with the work of certification understand these nuances. Keeping this in view and in sync with the vision of the Prime Minister, a committee headed by Shyam Benegal has been constituted to suggest the paradigm to compliment the glorious history of Indian films.

The recommendations of this Committee are expected to provide a holistic framework and enable those tasked with the work of certification of films to discharge their responsibilities keeping in view this framework.

During their deliberations, the Committee would be expected to take note of the best practices in various parts of the world, especially where the film industry is given sufficient and adequate space for creative and aesthetic expression. The Committee would recommend broad guidelines / procedures under the provisions of the Cinematograph Act / Rules for the benefit of the chairperson and other members of the Screening Committee. The staffing pattern of CBFC would also be looked into in an effort to recommend a framework which would provide efficient / transparent user
friendly services.

Besides Mr. Benegal, the other Members of the Committee are Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, Piyush Pandey, Bhawana Somaaya, Nina Lath Gupta and Joint Secretary (Films) as Member Convenor. The Committee has been given a two-month deadline to submit recommendations.

Dubai Fashion Week: Burka adapts to the changing times

Shaily Kalra

Dubai Fashion WeekDubai: The moment we think or talk about the burka what immediately comes to mind is the image of deep dark black colour outer attire – the most concealing of all Islamic veils. It is a one-piece veil that covers the face and bodycloth. A traditional dress that Isamic ladies wear in public.

Burka is popularly known as burkha, bourkha, burku,chadri or paranja. It is famously known as abayas in the Gulf countries.

The growth and demand of the exclusive burka is increasing rapidly.Expectations of the ladies of the new generation is forcing the designers of today to innovate new ideas with exclusive designs and the burka has given a platform to the new designers to give out the best outfit.

The credit goes to the designers of today who are working hard to bring out something new. But keeping in mind the tradition and respecting the culture, they have not done many changes but have transformed the traditional burka with a new outlook.

The Islamic ladies in Dubai too wear burkas. The burkas are so stylish that they have completely transformed the old burka. Dubai has experienced a tremendous change in the design and colours of the traditional veil. Many fashion houses in Dubai have opened within five to six years outlets that deal only with burkas or abayas.

Gone are the days when the burkas were simple and only in black. As the new generation is keeping pace with the changing times so is the making of burkas too is adapting to this phenomenon.

The new burkas have a lot of variations in terms of design and the work on them either incorporates the fine and subtle lace or vivid patterns are created by mixing different fabrics with matching or colors on the sleeves, shoulder or on the border or else there is exquisite embroidery that makes the Burka look very distinct.

The designers from Pakistan and India are doing exclusive work on burkas by turning them from just a traditional and simple attire to a fashion statement.

Famous designers recently laucnhed their latest burka collection at Dubai Fashion Week. These burkas made of fabrics like chiffon,silk and in many different colours were an instant hit.

There are many fashion houses in Dubai that deal with trendy burkas The most popular are the ones made of velvet. They are getting popular throughout the world.They come in different colours like blue, pink, dark red or a combination of beautiful colours. The need to bring out the changes in the design of burkas is also molded by the changing
environment and also because the modern women are seeking something new. This has inspired the designers of today to provide the best outfit for the women of the new generation.

The trend is catching up and the elegant and eye catching burkas will soon become a craze among the upwardly mobile modern women. There is a huge potential for this turning into a real designers’ outfit.

Dubai is doing remarkably a good job by encouraging and understanding the needs of the changing fashion and the need for the traditional burka to adapt to this trend.

Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani are treat to the eyes

Dr. Anwar Ahmad 

dilwale_bajira_mastaniRiyadh, Saudi Arabia: Watched both Dilwale & Bajirao Mastani back to back. Both these films are a treat to the eyes. The first one because of unprecedented technologically executed action sequences conceptualised by Rohit Shetty and of course immaculate performance by king khan, the numero uno of bollywood. The second one because of creation of a masterpiece by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, never mind if some history has gone down the drain for the sake of celluloid compulsions. The trio performed well within the limits set by the script & Bhansali was able to extract their peak performances.

Tailpiece: When I tolerated Raj Thakre for defeating the very spirit of Indian Constitution then why I can’t tolerate Shahrukh for a on the fly remark which was later proved correct by the overwhelming response of rightists. These are my neutral views: One keeps seeking the neutral ground as the path of progress only passes through it.