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Two isms of politics eating into the vitals of economic growth in India

Lalit Shastri One is seeing with a deep sense of concern that the two isms-neopatrimonialism and clientelism-are being followed so deceitfully by those who swear by and use democracy to usurp power and do everything to remain riveted to the seats of power in India. Neopatrimonialism is cancerous because the corruption it breeds at all

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Rs 12000 crore claim and how the MP Government surrendered its case

Newsroom24x7 Staff BHOPAL: After the Madhya Pradesh Government had passed a “deed of assignment” on April 30, 2011 to acquire all 16 industrial units owned by state-run Madhya Pradesh State Industries Corporation (MPSIC), a private business house managing one of these units on a 20-year contract basis has filed a claim for Rs. 12000 crore

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