The Supreme Court Collegium and the people of India

Rajiv Lochan

What is the opinion of the people of India about candidates for judgeship whom the Supreme Court of India pushes on everyone? A glimpse of it was had in the recently concluded elections in Karnataka. A person whom the Supreme Court Collegium had recommended for being appointed four times, stood for elections. He got a measly 1500 votes, just about one percent of the total cast. The collegium of the Supreme Court, you will recall, is made of four of the senior-most judges of the Supreme Court and, much to the distress of the people of India,  constantly pushes sundry nephews, nieces,  sons and daughters for judgeship.

Newspapers have been flashing the news since Monday that advocate Nagendra Naik, who contested the just concluded general election to the Karnataka State Assembly on a Janata Dal (Secular) ticket from the Bhatkal constituency, has lost his deposit. 

Naik had been recommended by Supreme Court collegium for the position of judge in Karnataka High Court not once but four times.

The author, Rajiv Lochan, is a well-known scholar, historian, academician and columnist


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