Stay safe our precious tigers

Archna Singh

T-101, Ranthambhore National Park, Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan, India, April 2023 (Photo credit: Archna Singh)

The recent deaths of so many of our tigers leave a sour taste in one’s mouth. We are quick to celebrate growing tiger numbers that are totally flawed when no one pays any attention to the reasons they are dying in such large numbers.

The number of tigers in their prime that are being lost due to over-tranquilization and lack of expert and qualified doctors is a story that is not only restricted to Ranthambhore alone, but it is something that is reported from across the country.

Sadly, as long as we as a country, keep fighting over reservations and quotas while merit and qualifications can go flying out of the window, such a scenario will keep repeating itself.

We the country of the greatest and most qualified people, will keep regressing in the hands of the greedy and the incompetent.

Stay safe our precious tigers. You are in a fight against the most hopeless race to inhabit this planet – humans. Stay safe from us.

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