BJP squarely beaten by Congress in Karnataka

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Ruling Bharatiya Janata Party has been squarely beaten by Congress party in the general election to the Karnataka Assembly. The election results have proved that BJP’s tendency to focus on national issues in State elections is not resonating with voters.

After interacting with a large cross-section of people across India and especially poll analysts in Karnataka and scanning reactions on social media, Newsroom24x7 has come to the conclusion that this election has shown that anti-incumbency is a strong factor for the people of Karnataka and they tend to prefer change every five years, as has been the case since 1985. It is also true that many prioritize receiving free benefits over being empowered to improve their own lives.

This election also highlights the importance of candidate selection and a focus on state-specific issues rather than national ones.

It also appears that women in the Karnataka were focused more on specific issues such as the cost of living and gas prices, and while they have supported the Congress party, it is likely they may not see the desired result under the new government.

The consolidation of Muslim voters behind the Congress is a fact and reason enough for the BJP to ponder over as they have been projecting all along that Muslim women in large numbers voted for the BJP following their victory in Uttar Pradesh in the last election.

The BJP’s strategy in certain regions of Karnataka led to unintended consequences and helped the Congress gain more seats there. The BJP’s internal conflicts and lack of clear ideological consistency also weakened their appeal to voters, who demonstrated that they expect their leaders to work hard and not take their support for granted.

Also, the BJP has struggled with accepting defectors, who do not align with their beliefs, causing them to resemble the Congress party. Unfortunately, this has not been well-received by the public.

The party’s reliance on Modi has been exposed. If state governments do not perform well, Modi’s popularity will not necessarily save the situation (excluding Gujarat).

Careful selection of candidates is crucial. BJP’s attempt at a generational shift in terms of ticket distribution was essentially a power struggle between state leaders. While change is necessary but the way it was executed left plenty of heartburn in the State BJP unit’s rank and file.

Despite the punishment given to the Bommai government in this election, the BJP is still expected to win 2/3 of the seats in Karnataka during the 2024 Lok Sabha elections due to the widespread appreciation of Modi Government’s accomplishments.


Now there will be free bus travel for women, which was stopped by Bommai, will be reintroduced

There will be an end to 40% commission Raj

There will be no horse-trading as Congress has clear majority.

People will get free electricity (300 units)

JDU has been relegated to the dustbin (at least for the next five years)

Postcript: This analysis would be incomplete without a forwarded post on WhatsApp that we are reproducing below:

Yes, I would agree and add:
Imposition of Hindi in the States (not using Kannada in the Central Govt function invitations and banners on the stage repeatedly), appointing Tamil Nadu BJP unit President K. Annamalai, IPS (Rtd) in charge of Karnataka elections (ex-bureaucrat and a novice in politics lording over BJP leaders), BL Santosh’s interference and caste politics, sideling BJP stalwarts who built BJP in the State and too much of anti-minority venom in a State which was/is known for secularism and peaceful coexistence have also added to BJP’s humiliating defeat.


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  1. Very pragmatic reality check about the election outcome in Karnataka. The author has explained the grass root causes of Congress win and BJP loss in a simple logic and language albeit after deep rooted research.


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