Army veterans write to PM, oppose any move to legalise same sex marriage

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New Delhi: Army Veterans, representing Akhil Bharatiya Purba Sainik Seva Parishad (ABPSSP), North Bengal, have in a memorandum to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, opposed any move to legalise same sex marriage focusing on the case now being heard in Supreme Court in this matter.

The Army Veterans have asserted that the present hearing in progress in the hon’ble Supreme Court of India on a petition by

LGBTQIA++(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer/Questioning, Asexual), a miniscule section of urban society, seeking to legalise “same sex marriage” is unacceptable as it is contrary to the basic tenet of Bharat and its deep rooted, age old cultural, religious and social ethos which is the foundation of our family, cultural and social lives.

They have pointed out that the petition to legalise the absurdity of same sex marriage needs to be rejected suo moto for the following reasons:

1. Same sex marriage is an unnatural concept derived by aping from the Western Society by a miniscule section of people from urban India

2. The very idea of same sex relationship/marriage is against the nature and even the animals do not practice it.

3. Same sex marriage is against all religions of the world because it is unnatural against nature & creation of God.

4. In India with world’s largest population at 1.,418.126,019 as of 27 April 2023 and rising rapidly, the approximate population of gay & lesbian is only 3%. as such a large population do not share such unnatural relationships of same sex.

5. To say that the gender is not defined by the genitals of a person is absurd and against the very essence of humanity, nature and all religions.

6. The LGBTQIA++ population is mostly based in urban areas as such the majority of Indian population is rural based where such practices are not heard or recognised.

7. Bharat is one of worid’s most ancient and continuous civilisation and this civilisation never had concept of same sex relationship or marriage hence the very idea of same sex has been derived from the western society where the materialism has taken over the human values.

8. Legalising same sex marriages will have far reaching adverse impact on the Indian family and social structure where in the children of today and future citizens of the country would be brought up over a confused sense of womanhood, manhood, parenting, family as also a distorted sense of sexuality that will only breed unnatural understanding of humanity.

9. Children bred by the couple in unnatural artificial surrogation would be brought up in a confused sense of parenting and family as they see the rest of the normal marriage and family world.

10. Legalising same sex marriage will throw the entire legality of family, home, marriage, parenting, children, adoption, surrogation, property rights of familles and individuals maintenance of spouse & parents, work place status out of control in a jeopardy.

11.Legalizing same sex marriage could lead down a “slippery slope,” giving people in polygamous, incestuous, bestial, and unnatural & non-traditional relationships

12. The very basis of marriage itself neces sarily and inevitably presupposes a union between two persons of the opposite sex towards establishing a healthy family & society which is culturally and legally ingrained in the entire human society of the world which can never be subjected to any judicial interpretation or diluted by any interpretation of modern legal system.

13. There will be more cases of paedophilia and millions of children will suffer.

14.Finally, legalising same sex marriage impacts the lives and soul of india adversely in an irretrievable manner for bilions of indian present and future generations, hence it is not

logical and meaningful for 5 to 7 learned judgos of the court to take decision on such a sensitive matter.

15. If same sex marriage is legalised it wil destroy the civiizational culture of india

16. If legalised, the next step for the LGBTQIA ++ community would be to ask for rights to join the defence forces which would be disastrous for national security

17. If at all a decision has to be taken, it should be through either a debate in Parliament or public referendum.

The ex-Armymen have urged the PM to intervene to preserve the very fabric of Indian family, society, culture, and religious ethos of Bharat.

The main signatories to the memorandum are Col Mani Kumar Gahatraj (Retd), Mob No 9733209841; Col Sanjay Mani Pradhan (Retd), Mob No 8170033891; Lt Col Bidya Dhor Sormah (Retd), Mob No 9064057988; and Maj Amal Biswas (Retd), Mob No 6297072670


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