Enmity between two families leads to Bloodbath and Mayhem in Morena

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Morena, Madhya Pradesh: Enmity between two families culminated in a mass murder in the Lepa village of Morena district of Madhya Pradesh, leaving at least 6 people dead and many injured in a shooting spree on Friday, 5 May 2023.

The police have registered an FIR against 9 persons over this incident

The family of Dhir Singh and Gajendra Singh live in Lepa village. The enmity between the two families claimed six lives on Friday. After two deaths in 2013, one family was bent upon revenge. According to SP Raisingh Narvariya, in-charge of Morena, the final decision is still made with the gun in the Chambal region, infamous for dacoits.

The enmity between the families of Gajendra Singh and Dhir Singh started in the year 2013. There was a dispute between the two families over the dumping of garbage on a piece of land. It became so serious that Gajendra Singh’s men killed two members of Dhir Singh’s family.

The matter reached the Ambah court. As is the case with land disputes, the court kept adjourning the hearing and fixing date after date and the matter just dragged on. Gajendra Singh’s family left the village and went to live elsewhere.

Seeing the matter getting dragged for a long time, the villagers took the initiative for a compromise between the two warring families. Under a compromise agreement, it was decided that Gajendra Singh’s family could return and live in the village. Dhir Singh’s family also gave its consent in court. The people of Gajendra Singh’s family were happy that they would now be able to return to their homes. The police were also involved in the agreement. That’s why the people of the village were sure that the two families would coexist in an atmosphere of peace.

But something else was going on in the minds of those on Dhir Singh’s side. They were bent upon revenge. They were only waiting for Gajendra Singh’s family to return to the village. As soon as Gajendra Singh’s family returned to the village on Friday morning, they attacked them. It started with sticks. The family members of Dhir Singh then took out rifles. Shyamu and Ajit started firing quickly. Whoever was seen in front of Gajendra Singh’s family was killed. They did not even spare women. Soon dead bodies were strewn all over in Lepa village. Seeing the firing, the villagers could not muster the courage to come out. After the police got the news, a police force was rushed to the spot.

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