Tributes to a legendary genetic engineer

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Bhopal: Scientists, scholars and leading personalities on Tuesday 25 April paid rich tributes to Prof Har Swarup – the legendary genetic engineer, developmental and molecular biologist of 20th century on his 42nd Punyatithi.

A teacher, researcher and administrator of great repute, Professor Har Swarup was vice-chancellor, academician, and scientist in the field of developmental biology and genetic engineering as well as an academician and teacher of molecular biology and biochemistry. He will always be remembered for his pioneering steps in advancing research and building institutions of higher education.

December 9th, each year is celebrated as ‘Life Science day’ to mark his Birth Anniversary. Professor Har Swarup’s life should motivate the younger generation that should be widely inspired by his trailblazing and outstanding achievements in the field of scientific research. His first major contribution in the field of research was production of clones in a living being by induced Polyploidy in gasterosteus Aculeateus in Oxford in 1954. This is considered as a revolutionary contribution in the field of science. Cloning is now a matter of medical science, and also science fiction and movies across the world. Professor Har Swarup was the founder of the School of Studies in Zoology, Vikram University in Ujjain.


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