Teak wood laden pick-up van seized, driver escapes under cover of darkness

Newsroom24x7 Network

Bhopal: A forest department team during patrolling late night on Sunday 23 April intercepted a teak wood laden pickup up vechicle on the border of Nazeerabad and Narsingharh near the State capital. After a short chase, the forest staff managed to seize the illegally felled and sawn timber and also the vehicle being used to smuggle the teak when it lost balance and overturned. The driver of this vehicle managed to escape in the cover of darkness.

R S Bhadoriya, the S D O of the area concerned, told Newsroom24x7 that the vehicle in question was intercepted at about 11 pm on Sunday night. The forest team has seized mobile phones from the vehicle (MP13 GB 5002) and the call data record is being collected to catch the culprits.

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