Forest department team seizes vehicle loaded with illegally sawn teak near Bhopal

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Bhopal: During night patrolling by a forest department team in the Nazirabad forest range near Bhopal, the capital of the central Indian State of Madhya Pradesh, one Bolero pick-up vehicle loaded with teak logs was caught near Majjidgadh in the early hours of 4th April 2023. 

The vehicle loaded with illegally sawn teak was seized but the driver of the vehicle had fled from the scene. Search for persons involved in the smuggling of teak was on throughout the day while the seized vehicle was kept at the Nazirabad Forest post. 

Earlier in June 2021, villagers had attacked a forest department team when it had gone to remove encroachment from government forest land at Bilkhoh forest beat in Nazirabad. Many forest officials were injured in that incident.

On seeing the seized timber, one doesn’t need rocket science to establish the role of the saw mills that must be operating illegally in that area – of course what goes hand in hand with this is the illegal logging activity. The fact that the vehicle, without a number plate and the kind of fabrication done, establishes there is a mafia involved. It should not be difficult to catch the owner of this vehicle and through him the entire mafia. The modus operandi explains, this is not a one time exception.

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