Only One Earth Kids for Tigers Festival

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🐯 The children are our future. They are the reason we breathe. They will write history of the monumental errors made by the elders who imagine that trashing the biosphere is the route to the development Nirvana dream up by powerful planners across the world – Kids for Tigers, The Sanctuary Tiger Programme

New Delhi: The Only One Earth Kids for Tigers Festival was organised at the Happy School. The purpose of the event was to make the next generation realise that we are a part of nature and not different from it. Nature is what keeps us alive and not a piece must be out of place – for every single creature and plant is serving to keep the balance exactly as it should be for the survival of man.

The chief guest for the event was Rakesh Khatri – The Nest Man of India. He is an acclaimed documentary filmmaker with a host of awards to his account.

The esteemed judges for the competitions were Nipun Kaushik and Shibani Sehgal. Nipun Kaushik is the Director of Operations and Partnership for Eco-Roots Foundation, Shibani Sehgal is a fine art graduate and gold medalist awardee for her environment-related activities.

The participants took great interest in the nest-making workshop which focused on the need to attract and protect birds in urban areas by providing them nests at various open places in housing societies and colonies.

Students used eco-friendly and recycled materials for making the articles displayed by them. It was followed by activities like face painting, Rangoli, poster making, art installations and slogan writing. All activities successfully enabled the participants to exhibit their creative and artistic skills.


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