2022: Exclusive ISRO stories by Newsroom24x7 were most read for 5th-year in a row

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For the fifth year in a row, our investigative reports on matters relating to Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) were the highest read. Our exclusive news story titled “Founder Director of LPSC-ISRO calls Nambi’s bluff and challenges Rocketry claims“, published on 18 August 2022, has been read by 1,46,116 persons. Our next highest read stories on ISRO during 2022 were “Semi Conductor Laboratory removed from Department of Space“, “NASA-ISRO NISAR Mission and the conflict of interest“, “Who Shrunk ISRO“, “The myth called ISRO and the fictitious post of ISRO Chairman” and “Rocketry – the movie and the genesis of the fake ISRO espionage case“.

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The Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG), in its report for the year ended March 31 2021, has censured ISRO for Non-utilisation of GSAT-6 Satellite

Non-utilisation of GSAT-6 Satellite
Department of Space launched the GSAT-6 satellite at a cost of ₹ 508 crore but was unable to utilise the satellite as envisaged due to non-readiness of the ground segment of the satellite. This resulted in non-utilisation of the satellite for nearly half of its life.

Check Newsroom24x7 story: “Seldom are the user departments consulted or a comprehensive review done on where is ISRO vis-a-vis other space faring nations in terms of technologies. A lot many satellites have been launched with 2 to 5 years lag in setting up of ground segments. The recent aborted GISAT-1 launch too falls in the category of disconnect with user departments. The undue weightage given to ISRO vis-a-vis Department of Space has lead to a go-by to procedures, proper project management and monitoring. After all Department of Space is the custodian of procurement and financial control. It is precisely due to these reasons that scandals such as Antrix-Devas happen.”

“A lot many satellites have been launched with 2 to 5 years lag in setting up of ground segments.”

“what about the short-sighted ill-concevied goals (for example launching of many satellites without setting of ground segments) and alleged acts of impropriety – a case in point is the Antrix-Devas agreement.”

Check Newsroom24x7 story: “Regarding NavIC capability, question arises, why this delay in fully utilising the Space Segment which consists of eight satellites-three in geostationary orbit and five in inclined geosynchronous orbit. These satellites have been launched over a span of many years and they have a limited life-span. The issue is why the full potential of these satellites has not been utilised from the day they were put in orbit. The problem vis-a-vis the communication satellites gets compounded further by the fact that ISRO has not met a large part of its commitments to the Government of India’s user departments.”


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