Indian Army blocks PLA attempt to cross LAC in Tawang Sector

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New Delhi: Defense Minister Raj Nath Singh informed Parliament (Lok Sabha) on Monday 13 December about an incident that took place on the border with China on 9 December 2022 in Tawag Sector of Arunachal Pradesh. 

Singh told the House that on 9 December 2022, PLA attempted to unilaterally change the status quo by transgressing the Line of Actual Control in the Yangtze area of Trips Nat Tawang Sector. 

Singh said in his statement: “Our army faced this Chinese effort with courage. A scuffle has also taken place in this face-off. The Indian Army bravely stopped the PLA from encroaching on our territory and forced them to withdraw to their posts.” 

“In this skirmish, some soldiers from both sides were also injured. I would like to inform this House that none of our soldiers has died and no one has been seriously injured. Due to the timely intervention of the Indian Military Commandos, the PLA soldiers went back to their locations.”

“Following the incident, the local commanders in the area held a flag meeting with their Chinese counterparts on December 11, 2022 as per the established arrangement and discussed the incident.”

“The Chinese side was asked to stop such actions and maintain peace along the border. This issue has also been taken up with the Chinese side at the diplomatic level.”

“I want to assure this House that our forces are doing their best to safeguard our territorial integrity. They are committed in every way and the Indian Army is always ready to stop any attempt to intrude into our territory. I am sure that this House will unanimously support the valor and courage of our forces.”

“I am quite sure that this Parliament will without any doubt also salute the capability, bravery, valor and commitment of the Indian Army.”

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