Dr. Har Swarup Centenary: Immortalizing the Life and Works of a Legendary International Genetic Engineering Scientist

Dr. Tej Prakash and
Poornanand Vyas

Dr Har Swarup at Oxford in 1955

In 1954 at Oxford, the first ever achievement by Dr Har Swarup was production of clones in a living being by induced Polyploidy in GASTEROSTEUS ACULEATEUS was revolutionary and cloning is now a matter of medical science, science fiction and also movies all over the world.

Professor Har Swarup, whose centenary is being celebrated on 9 December 2022, has been recognised as a legendary genetic engineer, developmental and molecular biologist of 20th century. A teacher, researcher and administrator of great reputation he is remembered for his pioneering steps in advancing research on the one hand and institutions of higher education in the other.

Even after a lapse of more than four decades, since his demise, he remains a source of inspiration to students and young teachers.

December 9th each year will be celebrated as ‘Life Science day’, so that the younger generation could be widely inspired by Professor Har Swarup’s ingenuity and outstanding achievements in the field of research.

This day shall be a reminder to set goals to enlighten youth and to motivate them to further research in life sciences. This would help them to gain inspiring and noble human values.

Dr. Har Swarup did research at Oxford University with limited resources in the 1950s which is perhaps many times more invaluable for posterity than the Nobel Prize itself.

Distinguished academician and ex-bureaucrat Anoop Swarup, son of late Dr Har Swarup addressing the gathering in Ujjain on 9 December 2022

On Friday 9 December 2022, there was a distinguished gathering in Ujjain the sacred temple city of Lord Mahakal and the Karmbhumi of Dr. Har Swarup. The School of Studies in Zoology, Vikram University, Ujjain was a model for the whole country. As the sun shines, so shines the glory of the founder of this great Institute.

Academicians and scientists who gathered here on Friday reiterated their commitment to replicate the academic DNA of Dr. Har Swarup on his birth centenary. He was a bright star in the international research fraternity, they observed.

Distinguished scientists and academicians across the country paid homage to the revered scientist and offered floral tributes at his statue.

Dr. Tej Prakash is Retired Principal, Govt Raja Bhoj College, Herpeto and Poornanand Vyas is Anti Aging Scientist, Indore. The authors can be contacted at proftpv49@gmail.com


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