Exploitation of weaker sections: The stone inscription calls the bluff of manufactured lies

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In the 21st Century, when politicians in India, cutting across party lines, are determined to play the vote bank politics by clinging to the reservation regime taking the plea that the quota system for the SC/ST and OBCs is a must to undo the centuries of exploitation of the weaker sections on the basis of caste or more particularly the varna system, we have come across a 15 Century CE stone inscription that calls the bluff of politicians’ and surely puts the record straight.

The leather worker Dev Pal is eulogised through a stone inscription for being “so rich, so powerful, so considerate and so generous by Pandit Damodar Mishra”.

Mishra authors a detailed note that is inscribed on stone.

It is a ‘prashasti’, a note which honours and eulogises, the ‘mochi’ named Dev Pal.

The leather worker or ‘mochi’, Dev Pal, says the eulogy, achieved greatness and demonstrated his influence in society by constructing at the settlement of Khallari a grand Narayan Mandir, a temple to ‘Narayan’. The eulogy says that this temple was constructed during the rule of Haribrahma Dev Rai, the son of the great king Ramchandra. Haribrahma set up the modern town of ‘Raipur’, near the village Khallari.

Khallari today is a village while Raipur is rapidly developing into a big city.

The script used in the inscription is ‘Nagari’, a script which many can read even today. The language of the inscription is Sanskrit. The date given for the inscription is 1460 Vikram Samvat, which places it in the 15th century CE.

Source: Indian History

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