Jammu and Kashmir: A historic day

Ramesh Tamiri

Maharaja Hari Singh

On this day 75 years ago Maharaja Hari Singh signed the Instrument of Accession and made J&K State integral part of India.

To give credit to any one else other than him is to fly in the face of facts.

If there was delay in signing accession, the reason was Nehru had complicated the situation that existed during the period between June 1947 and September 1947.

There were three reasons for the delay in signing of accession:

  1. Britain was pressurising Maharaja Hari Singh to accede to Pakistan. Pakistan was organising subversion to coerce the Maharaja to accede to Pakistan. Due to this reason, the Maharaja had to choose the right timing.
  2. Nehru refused to accept accession till power was given to Sheikh Abdullah. Even on 26 october 2022 he initially refused to accept accession.
  3. Junagarh and Hyderabad were more important for India. Congress sent its emissary Shiban Lal Saxena to Maharaja with a request to delay accession till the case of these two states was decided.

Maharaja did what was in the interest of his state and India.

He had no faith in Congress and National Conference. Both had betrayed him. Price for this betrayal was paid by Hindus of J&K state. In fact, they continue to pay the price. Indian state has still to come out of Nehruvian framework of Kashmir policy.

History should ask serious questions.

Maharaja Hari Singh and brave soldiers of Indian army are real heroes of 1947. They deserve BHARAT RATNA.


If anybody saved Kashmir in 1947 from Pakistani marauders it was none other than Indian army and state forces led by Brig. Rajindra Singh.

Did National Conference organise civil resistance anywhere to confront Pakistanis?

Only resistance offered to Pakistani invaders was by Sikhs at Ichama & Atna in Tangmarg area.

This resistance gave two days to our army to replenish forces which saved the Srinagar airfield.

Salute to our brave army, Brigadier Rajinder Singh & his soldiers who delayed Pakistani intruders by two crucial days besides those Sikh partisans who fought at Ichama and Atna.

The Author, Ramesh Tamiri, is a columnist and an authority on matters relating to Kashmir affairs

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