Indian parties and leaders must learn from UK

Madhav Singh

On the auspicious day of Deepawali, Rishi Sunak has been chosen the new Prime Minister of United Kingdom. In such difficult times, cautious European markets, after a pause have reacted positively to this political development. Last time he lost to Liz Truss, who had to resign due to mishandling of finances.

Liz was expected to be a disaster by the voters, even before she was chosen to lead. She changed twice her core ideology and decision by jumping from left to right, and also her views on Brexit pushed her down the precipice!

Liz might have acted like a self-serving fossilized Indian political creature!

Rishi will be facing many challenges, it’s a throne made of sharp thorns!

About over 100, 000 Conservative party members been involved in 5 layered contest to elect their leader to be the PM. In contrast, the well known staged managed show of selecting party president the oldest Indian party, formed by a British civil servant, about 9000 party members participated in an open n shut charade!

Inner party elections in Britain are as intense and seriously fought as general elections, unlike in india where selections are strangely narrated as so-called elections.

Indian parties, leaders, commentators and voters can and must learn from United Kingdom, but they won’t, as they can’t due to various compelling reasons, causes and legacies.

Its intellectually dishonest and a abysmal charade of lowest possible order, when Indian communists indulge in lecturing about democracy and elections. For them, the power comes from the barrel of gun, yet they enact strange scenes & mouth hollow dialogues, inherently pushed by baseline utter falsehood, they have been taught for long.

In India, the age old “high command”, culture- tactically but dishonestly initiated by late Shri M. K. Gandhi, to favour his blue eyed boy, is still used widely across the political spectrum.

Every second Ghandian has had tactical influence and Intelligence to a sanctioned research paper based book about what Gandhi ji did or had eaten on a particular day.

The author, Madhav Singh, is a columnist and former Mechanical Design Engineer with National Engineering Industries

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