Who will address the genocide in Kashmir: From the pen of a Kashmiri Hindu

Ramesh Tamiri

Kashmiri Hindus have seen continued religious persecution for past 680 years.

True, Nehru sowed the seeds of genocide against them in 1947.

But how have other leaders saved them from continued genocide?

How have other leaders helped?

History will ask this question again and again.

Kashmiri Hindus need focused struggle for redressal of genocide.

There is no dearth of friends in case we reach out to them.

Girilal Jain, Nirmal Verma, Jagmohan, Murli Manohar Joshi, Madan Lal Khurana and many others came to our rescue at crucial juncture. We remain beholden to them.

Many important people from Hindu Samaj and our own community members have helped us in many ways. We shall never forget this.

The author, Ramesh Tamiri, is a scholar, author and authority on matters linked with Kashmir affairs

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