Government Advisor blasts Wall Street Journal and those behind shockingly vile ad targeting India   

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New Delhi: A full-page ad targeting India  and its Government that has appeared in Wall Street Journal has been described by Kanchan Gupta, senior journalist and Advisor India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting as “Shameful weaponisation of American media by fraudsters”.
On this “shockingly vile ad targeting #India   and its Government” in WSJ, Gupta said in tweet: “Do you know who is behind this and similar ads?
This ad campaign is being run by fugitive Ramachandra Vishwanathan, who was the CEO of Devas”.

The full-page ad in The Wall street Journal maligning India’s image has portrayed India as an unsafe place to invest. The advertisers also have asked the US to impose sanctions against India under the Global Magnitsky Act.

Kanchan Gupta

In a trailing tweet Gupta has lashed against Devas and those behind that company stating: “Vishwanathan is a declared fugitive economic offender in India . India’s Supreme Court has ruled that his firm Devas was involved in corruption. This is not a campaign against Modi Govt alone.
It’s a campaign against Judiciary. It’s a campaign against India’s sovereignty.

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