Looms of Ladakh – Women’s producer co-op has taken the world by storm

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Ladakh has one of the most extreme climates known to mankind – cold and arid with temperatures ranging from minus 30°C in winters to plus 30 °C in summers. Glacial melt is the only source of water here and many regions experience cold and dry howling winds periodically. Yet, the Ladakhis have not merely survived but thrived here through indigenous wisdom and knowledge passed from one generation to another.

It was at the initiative of Abhilasha Bahuguna, the founder Director and moving spirit behind Looms of Ladkah, that 150 unemployed women from different and distant villages of Ladakh were brought together to form Looms of Ladakh – a women producers’ cooperative society. These women, who never went through the formal education process, were imparted training in spinning, weaving and knitting quality sheep wool and pashmina products to enhance their income generating potential. Over the last couple of years, the Society has scaled up production by adding new members and through skill building of new members, development of a cadre of master weavers, and setting-up of infrastructure to provide better working conditions. [Download latest issue of Looms of Ladakh Newsletter]

Ladakh needs an organisation like Looms of Ladakh, which is a movement, for ensuring sustainability and protecting its ecology, environment and culture – Jamyang Tsering Namgyal, Member of Parliament from Ladakh

Jamyang Tsering Namgyal was speaking as Chief Guest at a a special function organised at Leh (Ladakh) for unveiling Looms of Ladakh Centre of Excellence on Friday 26 August 2022

Looms of Ladakh Women’s Cooperative empowers rural Ladakhi women by endowing them with skills necessary to add value to raw pashmina and woollen fibres to turn them into the high-end products that are in great demand.

The cost of materials such as pashmina and other woolen fibres used by Looms of Ladakh is higher compared to industry standards.

Since Looms of Ladakh is operating in the most challenging terrain at a high altitude with limited mobility and telecom infrastructure, the organisation is focussing on streamlining its Supply chain management through better coordination, procurement control, stock management, improved visibility into the supply chain and delivery of goods – all this to improve customer ssatisfaction and keep the Looms of Ladakh products at an altogether a different level and above all competition.

The adoption of Passive solar buildings by Looms of Ladakh is a step towards realising the vision of a carbon neutral Ladakh through a “Citizens’ movement” and focussed initiative towards “Sustainable Energy for all”.

[Download latest issue of Looms of Ladakh Newsletter]

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