Operation Garuda: CBI conducts special campaign to dismantle illicit drug trafficking networks

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New Delhi: The Central Bureau of Investigation has launched a multi phase “Operation GARUDA” which seeks to disrupt, degrade and dismantle drug networks with international linkages through rapid exchange of criminal intelligence on drug trafficking and coordinated law enforcement actions across international jurisdiction through INTERPOL.

This global operation was initiated in close coordination with INTERPOL and Narcotics Control Bureau, for combating smuggling of illicit drugs and psychotropic substances, with special focus on Indian Ocean Region. Drug trafficking networks with international linkages require law enforcement cooperation across international jurisdiction.

“Operation GARUDA”, the CBI led global operation, seeks to target drug networks with international footprints for action against handlers, operatives, production zones and support elements.CBI and NCB have been closely coordinating with all States/UTs Police agencies for information exchange, analysis and development of operational information.

During the “Operation GARUDA”, searches, seizures and arrests were carried out across multiple States/UT in India. Apart from CBI and NCB, 8 States and UT Police including Punjab, Himachal Pradesh,Gujarat, Maharashtra,Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Manipur have participated in this Operation.

During this Special Operation from several State Police forces including Punjab, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Manipur, Maharashtra and NCB, around 6600 Suspects/Persons were checked; 127 new cases registered and around 175 persons including 6 Absconders/Proclaimed Offenders arrested.

Illicit Drugs and Psychotropic Substances including 5.125 Kg(approx) Heroin; 33.936 Kg(approx) Ganja; 3.29 Kg(approx) Charas; 1365 gm(approx) Mephedrone; 33.80 gm(approx) Smack; around 87 Tablets, 122 Injections & 87 syringes of Buprenorphine; 946 Tablets(approx) Alprazolam; 105.997 Kg(approx) Tramadol; 10 gm((approx) Hash oil; 0.9 gm(approx) Ecstacy pills; 1.150 Kg(approx) Opium; 30 Kg(approx) Poppy Husk; 1.437 Kg(approx) Intoxicant powder & 11039(approx) Pills/Capsules, were recovered.

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