Ganesh Chaturthi – A day of reckoning for a resurgent Bharat

Uday Kumar Varma

Lord Ganesh by common consensus represents wisdom, creative and constructive wisdom. He is also phlegmatic, rarely giving vent to his emotions and he is immensely quick- witted and commands a rare presence of mind even among Gods. He is exceptionally generous but also unforgiving.

So, today as we begin a ten- day celebration to seek his benevolence and guidance, do we need to introspect and realize how much amiss we all are on the very virtues that epitomize his conception?

If only we could turn inwards, many of the dilemmas that plague us today, individually and collectively, may find resolution. If only we could think more and talk less, if only we could set right our own house and bring it to order first before telling others what to do, if only we could be less reactive and more accommodative, if only we could envision our lives and that of others around us, in the hallowed and ancient tradition of which we are so proud of, the celebration will find a truly meaningful festivity and resonance.

His saga consists of the triumph of reason over irrational, of wisdom over vanity, of peace over violence. But it also represents elimination of evil and ill-intentions.

Today could be a day of reckoning for all those who want a resurgent Bharat, a strong Bharat, an affluent Bharat, but also a Bharat which is truly Great, one that bears the torch of enlightenment and moral rectitude leading the world to a new dawn.

A new journey, this exciting progression must override procrustean mindsets and overawe fossilized perceptions.

So, bless us Lord Ganesha!

Uday Kumar Varma, a 1976 batch IAS officer of Madhya Pradesh cadre, was Secretary Information & Broadcasting, member of the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) and member of the Broadcasting Content Complaints Council, a self-regulatory body for general entertainment channels. As Secretary I&B, he spearheaded the nationwide digitisation programme.

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