A call to Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Senior Citizens

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A post is doing round and with deep all-round concern on Whatsapp and other social media networks requesting Prime Minister Narendra Modi to pay attention to the widespread anguish and address issues rattling Senior Citizens.

In larger public interest, Newsroom24x7 is reproducing the post below:

Please, don’t trouble the Senior Citizens.
At the outset we wish you success in your endevaours like “Make in India”, ” Swatch Bharath” “Digital India” etc…..

1. Request you to pay Interest on SCSS (Senior Citizen Savings Scheme) of all nationalised banks atleast to 10 percent at par. Currently it is paid 7.25 percent.
Interest payable quarterly to be paid monthly.
Raise the limit from 15 lacs to 30 lacs.
As senior citizens will be able to get Rs 25000 monthly interest as sustainable income without having to depend on their children for it. Don’t deduct tax on this income or request to fill form 15 H etc.
The period of investment should be for 15 years and not five years
as life expectancy is 75 and increasing
Pass a resolution to this scheme that the interest rates should never be reduced but increased to fight inflation.

2. No returns to be filed if the income of an SC is less than five lacs.
Senior citizens face the spectre of diminishing returns on their investments. They have paid taxes all their life. They should get an Income Tax exemption of Rs 5 lakhs with super seniors getting IT exemption of Rs 7.5 lakhs. They should be exempt from long term capital gains on sale of shares and Mutual Fund.
Similarly, greater exemption should be given for Health Insurance and bank Fixed Deposits (FDs). In terms of IT exemption, Senior Citizens should not be affected by any political weather.

3. Provide medicines to senior citizens on submission of Adhar card, a flat 30 percent reduction in the cost of medicines across the country.
Similarly for all pathalogy checkups, treatments and operations if any. Especially dental which has become very expensive.
Even the medical premiums paid may be reduced accordingly.

After working for three to four decades, where no pension scheme was available, let us have some dignity and live a decent life
We are not asking for the moon.

You may have observed that now a days parents have become a burden to the children and they leave them to fight their own battles.
They are career minded and self centered. Senior Citizens are shy to share this fact as they still regard their children however dire their sufferings may be.

We Senior Citizens have elected you with the hope that you would take care of us but you have left us in the lurch.

Trust you need our votes to continue in power. Further this will be an important criteria for any government coming in future. Beware the mindset is changing and Senior Citizens are cursing from the bottom of their hearts for the present miserable state of affairs.

This is a humble request and hope good sense will prevail upon you and you will implement our suggestions as soon as possible to give relief to senior citizens and end their sleepless nights. We have no intention to offend you, we only want to live in peace and with dignity.

Hope all will agree to this suggestion and keep it in mind before casting their valuable votes rather than living on false promises.

Please forward/share in all groups, friends and relatives, as this gets implemented as soon as possible.

With a hope no governments will meddle with senior citizens in future.

Friends, If you agree please forward this to as many Sr. Citizens group as possible

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  1. Even rail concessions for the senior citizens have been withdrawn. With bank interest rates coming down, there is no safe investment avenue that will fetch a reasonable monthly return. Hope PM would give relief to senior citizens.


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