Shri Krishna – the most humanised God

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Today is Janmashtami, a day when we commemorate an energy which is deemed both a God and the finest and strongest representation of a human being, in fact a super human being.

His life and deeds can scarcely be understood or explained within the parameters of human capabilities. One may call Him the most humanised God.

But the reason we need to think about Him today is for giving to us a philosophy of life that is at once straight, simple, uncomplicated and yet is so enormously profound and so completely comprehensive.

No other scripture across religions and faiths, offers a practical manual for living a meaningful and sorrow-free life and one that also unravels the most intricate and complex philosophical raison d’etre for human birth and its interface with the universe and the divine. Bhagwad Gita remains nonpareil among all the scriptures of the world.

Today is the day to meditate on the message that this exposition offers and sincerely attempt to understand and embrace the way of life so lucidly and intelligently delineated in the unique explanations emanating in the context of human duties and dharma.

Happy Janmashtami!

– Uday Kumar Varma

Who am I and Bhagwad Gita

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