Sri Lanka crisis: Developing countries must draw proper lessons

Ramesh Tamiri

Happenings in Sri Lanka are a colossal tragedy and appropriate lessons need to be drawn by all developing countries.

In India we need to do the following:

  1. All populist policies, wasteful expenditure and super privileges of pampered employees should be withdrawn.
  2. Only viable projects which contribute to economic growth and create jobs should be undertaken.
  3. All reforms needed to create proper climate for economic growth should be urgently undertaken.
  4. Export base should be diversified.
  5. Indigenous arms production and alternate forms of energy should be promoted.
  6. Medium and small-scale industries should be promoted to create jobs.
  7. Tourism should be promoted by creating better awareness and good infrastructure.
  8. Heavy investment should be made to create global level universities. It is said we have drain of Rs. 45000 crores annually when our students go abroad for studies.
  9. Medical tourism should be promoted.
  10. All impediments for smooth running and setting up of industries should be removed.

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