Looms of Ladakh – the Global Fashion brand: Read it all in a Newsletter

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Leh, Ladakh: Looms of Ladakh, the global luxury fashion brand, launched the first edition of their quarterly Newsletter today (Wednesday 15 June 2022).

The inaugural edition of Looms of Ladakh Newsletter is not just a curtain-raiser. It chronicles the journey, from vision to conceptualisation of the project and its implementation at the grass-root level. It narrates the story of an idea that has blossomed into a global luxury fashion brand in a short time.

Looms of Ladakh balances between value-driven social entrepreneurship and world-class design; redefines stakeholders’ position and ownership in fashion; is the future of luxury – committed to creating ethical and sustainable products; represents true luxury – When you buy from Looms of Ladakh, you own a piece with a powerful story woven into itIt’s rooted in socio-cultural heritage, and strives to preserve and reimagine heritage arts and honors the culture of a community; is an excellent illustration of the potential of “Made in India”; and is empowering, inclusive, and sustainable development.

Abhilasha Bahuguna has built the Looms of Ladakh Women Cooperative from scratch. She has taken the challenge rooted in the biased belief that rural women will not be able to own and run a fashion brand by involving herself in the journey of hundreds of women of Ladakh. The women’s Cooperative, according to her, seeks to ensure optimum balance in the region’s herd sizes of pashmina, yak, and sheep and this is factored into their product range as disturbances to such balance in different parts of the world have proven to have adverse ecological consequences. Abhilasha has tried to inculcate among the rural women, ethos, and ideals that were somewhat unfamiliar. At the same time, she has made it a point to keep “the core values true to their cultural and environmental heritage.”

The Conscious Fashion Campaign, an initiative of the Fashion Impact Fund in collaboration with the United Nations Office for Partnerships and the PVBLIC Foundation, highlighted ten women-led organizations advancing fashion industry change in a collective billboard campaign earier in February this year during New York Fashion Week.

The Conscious Fashion campaign amplified the visibility and helped increase the media representation of women entrepreneurs leading the fashion sector towards a responsible future. Abhilasha Bahuguna, co-founder of Looms of Ladakh is one of the ten women entrepreneurs, who was showcased by the Conscious Fashion campaign during New York Fashion Week 2022 for theleading role she is playing in shaping the fashion industry and society with innovative solutions.

The Conscious Fashion Campaign has described these entrepreneurs as agents of change working for the cause of the vulnerable and marginalized populations “harmed by the unsustainable practices of the fashion sector. It is imperative to champion their leadership and create a diverse media landscape as they shape the industry and communities with innovative solutions.”

The Head Office of Looms of Ladakh is at Kuzey, Ladakh. The Central Atelier, Handspun Yarn Bank, and the garment construction unit are also located there. The Kuzey project is sponsored by ICICI Bank and a small part by Enfield. Chushul will have work studio and Dorm and amphitheater, sponsored by NABARD.

Click to download Looms of Ladakh Newsletter

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