Divyanka Tripathi video with tiger on facebook comes under sharp attack

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A facebook post by Delhi Times exhibiting a video of TV actor Divyanka Tripathi with a tiger has come under sharp attack from the knowledgeable across the world.

Sybelle Foxcroft is an Australian wildlife management expert. She is the force behind the “Tiger Temple Report.” Reference (Read under heading The Sleuth). She had earlier rubbished the report “Unchaining Tiger Tourism” by describing it as a disappointing waste of time with no groundbreaking issues revealed or solutions. It is basically a tourist handbook guide for tiger attractions in Thailand. This report, she pointed out, does not address the real issues that face the tigers.

Sybelle has reacted strongly to a facebook post by Delhi Times flaunting a video of TV actor Divyanka Tripathi with a tiger. In her comment on this post, Sybelle has targeted Divyanka by asking her whether or not, she has got any idea how much danger she is in?  Further, Sybelle points out after watching Divyanka’s questionable video: “The tiger’s eyes are on the verge of attack, his ears are back, his body tense and he wants to lash out badly. The only reason he stops as the human will beat him and torture him if he rips your pretty pink dress or face off. But once tigers used in this manner finally get their vengeance. Ignorance is bliss isn’t it. I hope you have learnt never to do this again.  Educate yourself please.  Contact me if you want to know more.” 🐅

There are many more besides Sybelle, who have taken to task both Delhi Times and Divyanka Tripathi over the controversial post. We are reproducing some of these comments:

Lalit Shastri Divyanka, learn your lesson. SYBELLE is an expert and it is advisable that you follow her advice in future and dare not promote this vile and insane tourism that should be banished from the face of Mother Earth.

Deepu Krishna: Now Delhi times has no clue about animal cruelty…coz Divyanka shells out some pennies to promote her… Sigh

Sagar Salian: It’s wrong that the tiger has been kept away from its natural habitat, it’s wrong that it was seperated from its mother, n it’s definitely wrong that it’s drugged. And when a person takes a photo with an animal that has been through all this unseen cruality than it simply means that the person is ok with suffering of the innocent. And I don’t think we should be fan of such celebrities.

Sumantha Ghosh: Shocking and ugly attitude of who so ever this lady is…. obviously you know nothing of nature leave alone natural History. 

I feel bad at your children and those you influence. 

What a horrifying start of a day

Veena Xettigar Raykar: Not a fan of anyone clicking pictures with the wild. God knows what the wild animal has gone through to get tamed. 

Surajit Mitra: You see.. The more we as tourists patronise such places (I guess this is Tiger Kingdom Phuket) the more they will thrive and exploit wildlife.. Better stop visiting and soon such places will shut down. The animals are drugged no matter what the staff say. And it’s also really wrong to use such places for tourism.

Svetlana Lal: Shame on you for taking a pic with a drugged tiger. Dare to take a pic with him in its natural habitat and in its natural form?

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