In the wake of the latest Guna incident: Madhya Pradesh PCCF -Wildlife seeks firm steps to combat the menace of poaching

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Madhya Pradesh is now confronted with the menace of poaching like never before and the problem of dwindling wildlife is staring everyone in the face.

After poachers had opened fire and shot dead three Police personnel and injured a driver early morning this past Satuday in the forest of Guna district, the Wildlife Wing of Madhya Pradesh Forest Department has sprung into action and asked officers down the line to take all necessary steps against hunting of wild animals.

PCCF – Wildlife Jasbir Singh Chauhan has written to the Bhopal and Shivpuri Chief Conservators of Forest drawing their attention to the recent Guna incident, in which 3 cops have been martyred. He has underscored that police had acted on a tipoff about hunting of black deer and peacock under the Aaron police station area and deployed a police team to apprehend the culprits. There was heavy firing by poachers on the police team. In the exchange of fire 3 police personnel died on the spot. 

Till now three of the seven poachers reportedly involved have been killed by the Guna police in separate encounters and further investigation is on.

The PCCF Wildlife has stated categorically in his letter that his office has information that cases of hunting had been registered even in the past against the poachers involved in the latest incident.

Placing on record that the poachers are continuously hunting wild animals in the area, the PCCF Wildlife has stated that in the latest case Schedule-I wild animals – 5 blackbucks and 1 peacock – have been killed. As per information available on the departmental web portal, incidents of hunting of wild animals, mainly with guns, are being reported continuously. In some cases, the poachers have also attacked the forest employees. It is a serious situation and action should be taken to stop the hunting of wild animals, the State Chief Wildlife Warden has stated.

The top wildlife officer has laid emphasis on the need for developing the Informers’ system so that accurate information could be obtained about the poachers. He has also issued instructions for appropriate use of confidential funds to combat the menace of poachers.

The PCCF has instructed the Chief Conservators to establish a system of night patrolling in sensitive areas by attaching the staff of other forest divisions;  a control room (24×7) should be established in each district/forest division and kept functional and its phone/mobile number should be publicised through newspapers while the local villagers should be made aware of it.

The PCCF -Wildlife has further asked: 

The Tiger Cell of the district be actvised and there should be total coordination between the police and the district administration for monitoring the habitual offenders, arresting the absconding accused and carrying out a campaign against the forest mafia.

The pending court cases must be reviewed and the District and Sessions Judge be asked to ensure speedy trial of serious cases.

The Public Prosecution Officers be asked to make special efforts for quick resolution of pending cases.

The capacity of the subordinate staff of the forest department should be upgraded by planning, and organizing workshops. 

Furthermore, the Chief Conservators also have been asked to ensure every government employee stays at the headquarters.

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