Nitendra Rawat, Jyoti Gawate win men and women’s title as six marathoners qualify for Asian and Commonwealth Games

Harpal Singh Bedi

New Delhi: Olympian Nitendra Rawat and Jyoti Gawate won the men and women’s titles of the Ageas Federal Life Insurance New Delhi Marathon here on Sunday as six elite runners made the cut for the Asian Games and Commonwealth Games, by attaining the qualifying marks.

Nitendra Rawat led the charge of the Super Six on a hot morning,  to emerge winner with a timing of 2:16.05. Anish Thapa Magar (2:16.41) and Anil Kumar Singh (2:16.47) claimed the first and second runners-up positions in what turned out to be an intense battle for supremacy.

The qualifying times for the Commonwealth Games in July-August is 2:18:40 for men and 2:38:19 for women and for the Asian Games in September 2:18:48 and 2:39.28 respectively.

Ashish Kumar (2:17.04), AB Belliappa (2:17.09) and Kalidas Laxman Hirave (2:18.14) were the other three men who went under the qualifying times to make the Ageas Federal Life Insurance New Delhi Marathon a huge success.

Jyoti Gawate claimed the honours in the women’s section  Her  timing of 3:01.20 however was  not good enough to earn her a berth for either of the mega events this year. Nupur Singh (3:16.03) and Disket Dolma (3:22.06) took  the other two places on the podium.

“We are delighted those six elite athletes have made it to the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games,” said  Karthik Raman, Chief Marketing Officer, Ageas Federal Life Insurance, adding “The marathon itself was exciting with the runners giving it their everything,” he pointed out.

Rupan Debnath (Half-Marathon, Men; 1:12.02), Tashi Ladol (Half-Marathon, Women; 1:27.48); Abhishek Choudhary (10K, Men, 0:32.03) and Ashvini Jadhav (10K, Women 0:39.22) were the other key winners.

Organised by NEB Sports, the marathon is recognised as a National Marathon Championship by the AFI. In all, 13,000 runners took part in it, with the half marathon drawing over 6,500 and the 10K over 2,000. The full marathon too saw close to 2,500, making it the year’s first big run.



Men: 1. Nitendra Rawat (2:16.05); 2. Anish Thapa Magar (2:16.41), 3.  Anil Singh (2:16.47); 4. Ashish Kumar (2:17.04); 5. AB Belliappa (2:17.09); 6. Kalidas Hirave (2:18.14)

Women: 1. Jyoti Gawate (3:01.20); 2. Nupur Singh (3:16.03); 3. Aradhana Reddy (3:19.34)


Men 1. Rupan Debnath (1:12.02); 2. Amit Khanduri (1:12.19); 3. Anil Jindal (1:12.33)

Women: 1. Tashi Ladol (1:27.48); 2. Seema Yadav (1:28.54); 3. Sara Bissell (1:35.29)


Men: 1. Abhishek Choudhary (0:32.03); 2. Yogesh Chaudhary (0:32.53); 3. Sahil Annigeri (0:33.48)

Women: 1. Ashvini Jadhav (0:39.22); 2. Lalita Madhwal (0:45.30); 3. Manya Tripathy (0:47.19)


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