Remembering India’s braveheart Major Mohit Sharma

Major Mohit Sharma

Newsroom24x7 salutes and pays homage to Major Mohit Sharma, AC, SM, PARA (13 January 1978 – 21 March 2009), who was martyred while bravely fighting the terrorists in Kashmir. He was an Indian Army Officer who was posthumously awarded the Ashoka Chakra, India’s highest peace-time military decoration. Maj Sharma was from the elite 1st Para SF.[3] He was killed in action on 21 March 2009 while leading his Bravo Assault Team during a counter-terrorism operation in Kupwara district in Jammu and Kashmir.

On 21 March 2009, Major Mohit Sharma engaged in an encounter with terrorists in the Hafruda forest of the Kupwara sector of Jammu and Kashmir. He killed four terrorists and rescued two teammates in the process, but sustained multiple gunshot wounds which killed him. For this act, he was posthumously awarded the Ashoka Chakra, which is the highest peace time military decoration in India. He was awarded two gallantry decorations earlier in his career. The first was the COAS Commendation card for exemplary counter-terrorism duties during Operation Rakshak, which was followed by a Sena Medal for gallantry after a covert operation in 2005.



Major Mohit Sharma, SM was leading Bravo Assault Team in operations in Kupwara District of North Kashmir. A valiant warrior, he excelled in the art of fighting guerrillas in jungle terrain having earlier spent four years in Jammu & Kashmir. On 21 March 2009, after receiving information of presence of some infiltrating terrorists in dense Haphruda Forest, he planned meticulously and led his commandos in tracking them. On observing suspicious movement, he alerted his scouts but terrorists fired from three directions indiscriminately. In the heavy exchange of fire, four commandos were wounded immediately. With complete disregard to his safety, he crawled and recovered two soldiers to safety. Unmindful of the overwhelming fire, he threw grenades and killed two terrorists but was shot in the chest. In the brief respite that followed, he kept directing his commandos, in spite of serious injuries. Sensing further danger to his comrades, he charged in a daring close quarter combat killing two more terrorists and attained martyrdom fighting for his motherland in the finest traditions of Indian Army.

For this act of conspicuous gallantry, inspiring leadership and exceptional courage far beyond call of duty, Major Mohit Sharma, SM was awarded ‘Ashok Chakra’ (Posthumous) on 15 Aug 09.

— Gazette of India Notification

Maj Mohit’s wife, Maj Rishima Sharma receiving the Ashok Chakra

Major Mohit Sharma As IFTIKHAR Bhatt

photo source

Major Mohit Sharma participated in an operation in 2004 and during this operation he killed two dreaded terrorists (Abu Torara & Abu sabzar). This operation by him is a source of inspiration for many people. During this operation, he changed his name to Iftikhar Bhatt.

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