Semi Conductor Laboratory removed from Department of Space

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New Delhi: The Semi Conductor Laboratory at Mohali, which was under Department of Space has now been brought under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY).

On this development, an ISRO insider remarked: “The latest development is the outcome of a long period of leadership deficit in DoS and ISRO. This should be treated as a parting gift to DoS by former Secretary DOS K. Sivan.” He went on to add that the removal of SCL from DoS is a much belated knee-jerk action by Government of India.

The CABINET SECRETARIAT NOTIFICATION to remove SCL from DOS and put it under MEITY was published on Wednesday 9 February.

The Notification says:

“In the Government of India (Allocation of Business) Rules, 1961, in THE SECOND SCHEDULE,- under the heading “MINISTRY OF ELECTRONICS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (ELECTRONIKI AUR SOOCHANA PRAUDYOGIKI MANTRALAYA)”,- (i) (ii) (b) in entry 6, the words “excluding all matters relating to Semiconductor Complex Limited (SCL), Mohali” shall be omitted; after entry 14, the following entry shall be inserted, namely: – “15. Semi-Conductor Laboratory, Mohali.”; under the heading “DEPARTMENT OF SPACE (ANTARIKSH VIBHAG)”, entry 15 shall be omitted.”


  1. And other big problem has happened due to short sighted vision of K Sivan and unnecessary interference of bureacracy.

    To woo tamil voters , Modi extended tenure of K Sivan twice, but it screwed up ISRO. Also , the only center of ISRO in north-India was not given much importance by Sivan as he was highly racist and regionalist. North-Indians have to bear the brunt due to this partial regional bias of Sivan.
    Being Tamilian, Sivan also put mostly Tamilians in key positions at all ISRO centers.
    SCL director is a proud Sikh, he did not dance to the tunes of regionalist and biased Sivan, and hence Sivan planned to expel SCL as a whole from DoS.
    Hope the new chairman Sh Somanath retains at least one relevant ISRO unit in north India. In 1 day, almost 150 out of 200 senior ISRO scientists from SCL have threatened to resign and also give request for transfers elsewhere.


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