CCTV footage of Bhoj University shows movement of tiger

Newsroom24x7 Network

Bhopal: ​Panic gripped the officers and employees of Bhoj Open University in Bhopal the capital of the central Indian State of madhya Padesh on Monday 7th February 2022 as a tiger was found roaming in the campus. The tiger was spotted through the CCTV shortly afetr 1.00 am.

Forest Department authorities have instructed people to walk in groups from dusk to dawn in this area.

As available pugmarks were not clear, a wildlife patrolling team of the forest department had earlier confirmed the presence of a leopard. Minute study of pugmarks has now established the movement of tiger as well in the Bhoj University area.

DFO Bhopal Forest Division Alok Pathak has been provided with the CCTV footage of tiger. Tiger movement was also reported in the same area in March 2019.

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