Prime Minister Narendra Modi takes Congress head on in Parliament

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday 7 February 2022 lashed out at the Congress for its conduct in the time of COVID-19 and said ‘those who ruled the nation for decades have been confined to history in several states across the length and breadth of India.

The Prime Minister was replying to the debate on the President’s address to the joint session of Parliament. He said that the people of India have rejected their (Congress leaders) arrogance and lack of delivery. The UPA era will be remembered for insensitive statements made by top Ministers on rising prices, he added.

Further, the Prime Minister said: “Our Government is working with a spirit of compassion to ensure the people are not burdened. Our Government is working round the clock to remove poverty and empower the poor”.

India’s youth and startup sector has further strengthened the spirit of pride and self-confidence, Modi said as he went on to the observe that being ‘Vocal for Local’ is one of the best tributes to Mahatma Gandhi. It is a pity some people prefer to mock this movement of trusting our people and using products made in India, he stated.

Taking the Congress party head on, the PM said that empty slogans of ‘Gareebi Hatao’ were not able to fulfil the aspirations of the poor. No wonder the people have rejected those who coined these slogans.

Modi said that the Congress leadership is utterley frustrated and it seems they have given up the idea of ever coming back to power as he went to accuse the Congress of following the British tactic of “divide and rule”. He took the Congress leadeship to task by holding them responsbile for challenging the concept of Indian nation recognised by the abcient Indian scriptures and also the first prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru. Through this pointer, he directly targeted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who had questioned the idea of India as a nation when addressing parliament the other day, he had described India only as a Union of States.

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