The case of Meppadiyan – the Malayalam film that has become an instant hit

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A hard hitting commentary on YouTube running on The Frustrated Indian (TFI National English) Channel with the title “Liberals and islamists hate the new movie Meppadiyan because it doesn’t defame Hindus” has received thousands of likes.

The TFI video that has gone viral within 24-hours of posting credits Meppadiyan for its massive success and popular suport that it’s getting. This video raises the burning issue of the tendency of most film makers to always show the hindus in poor light or as criminals, villains and scheming persons under the garb of secularism.

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“Review: So Meppadiyan has given us a new star: Vishnu Mohan. The debut writer-director has managed to give us an immersive experience, with well-written situations and good characters.”

This movie offers not just a glimpse at society, but also good character studies. It is a good film for the family to enjoy and discuss together. – Times of India


Meppadiyan is a Malayalam-language film, written and directed by Vishnu Mohan under the banner of Unni Mukundan Films. The film, released on 14 January 2022, features Unni Mukundan, Kottayam Ramesh, Saiju Kurup, Aju Varghese, Anju Kurian, Nisha Sarang and Kalabhavan Shajohn in the lead roles.

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