Security breach during the PM’s Punjab visit amounts to breakdown of constitutional machinery in a Congress ruled State

During the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Punjab, his security breach in the knowledge of the Punjab Government is unprecedented and a very serious matter that raises a question mark on the system of federal structure of the country. The Congress government of Punjab should apologize to the people of the country for this unconstitutional act. Even the Punjab Chief Minister should own up responsibility and resign.

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  1. All politicians and political parties misuse the State Police Force. The IAS/IPS lobby has intelligently used Law & Order to fortify their privileges and comforts. They are more like a State civil service pandering to the party in power. Those who are aligned to one political party slip out on central deputation when the going is tough and return when their friendly political party gets back to power. This is the bane of our administration and politics. The Central Government is facing the present problem from many hostile State Governments, till no efforts are being made to change the security architecture. Whenever there is a visit by the PM, HM or other high security VIP’s there should be a provision for the entire security on that route or destination to completely come under central control. All officers of the State working on that particular stretch can be redeployed by the Central Government at its discretion during the visit period. This provision needs to be incorporated as many State Police forces have been infiltrated by undesireable people.


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