Battle in Kashmir is not only against terrorism

Ramesh Tamiri

It is a bigger battle to defeat Communalism and Separatism in Kashmir. It is Communalism which feeds separatism and provides fertile substrate to cross-border terrorism.

Communalism is built around false narratives of ancient, medieval and modern history besides imagined grievances.

Kashmir, Kashi and Ujjain (Avantika) were premier centres of Indic civilisation in ancient India.

Kashmir’s contribution to every aspect of Indic civilisation stands well acknowledged.

Right since early 1980s concerted attempts were made to negate Kashmir’s historic identity which linked it with Indic civilisation. False narratives by changing name places, distorting history of shrines, manufacturing wrong perspectives on Rajatarangini & Kalhana, etc. were built.

Same was done to deny religious and cultural genocide of natives during medieval times.

Distorted narratives on contemporary history too remain in circulation.

An important battle that needs to be waged to defeat terrorism in Kashmir is to challenge distorted versions of history.

Landmark work of academician Prof.Shonaleeka Kaul on ancient Kashmir restates Kashmir’s historic identity in its context and breaks new ground in understanding major currents of ancient Kashmir.

Unfortunately, there has been no scholarly study on medieval Kashmir that delineates major trends of the period.

We have now english translations of major chronicles on medieval Kashmir.Baharistan Shahi and Tohafatul Ahbab, so well translated by Prof.KN Pandita, document religious & Cultural genocide.

On Modern Kashmir we have excellent studies by Dr. UK Zutshi and Prof.MK Teng. But there is lot that needs to be done to reconstruct an authentic history of modern Kashmir.

Ramesh Tamiri is a scholar and expert on Kashmir affairs

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