Muslims should apologise for all the destruction caused by their presumed ancestors

Rajiv Lochan

Muslims destroyed thousands of temples in India. Muslims desecrated many more which they could not destroy. This much is a fact. So, has anyone thought of asking the Muslims to apologise for all this destruction that their presumed ancestors caused?
After all, the flesh and blood of those Muslim invaders continues to live with us in India. Many observers of the Islamic faith who have nothing to do with those Muslim invaders continue to stand up in support of their memory and of the supposedly great works they are said to have done in India. So do many who claim to be leftists and nehrivians. The destruction of Hindu holy places and Hindu ethos by invading Islam was extremely violent.
Would that not suggest that one of the important steps towards a more peaceful life in India would be an apology for all the bad behaviour by those sacrilegious invaders? A clear, open, condemnation of all that bad behaviour?
Pic to illustrate the write-up shows what is left of the Martand Temple, Kashmir as photographed c. 1880. According to memories that have come down to us and recorded by sundry British travellers, the temple was built c. 3000 bce. It reached its high point in c. 8th century ce. Then, in 15th century ce, Sikandar Butshikan ordered its destruction.

Rajiv Lochan is an acclaimed scholar, historian, academician and columnist.

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