Attacks by hordes of invaders from Pakistan in 1947: Army veteran targets BBC and historians for distorting history

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As the Indian Army and nation commemorates the historic victory of “Battle of Shalateng, Major General Goverdhan Singh Jamwal, who had remained on duty fully armed as a commissioned officer of J&K Army to defend the Srinagar airport and blunt the attacks by hordes of invaders from Pakistan in 1947, has blasted British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for distorting facts about the Shalateng Battle.

Major General Jamwal has authored “Valour & Betrayal: Last Man Last Round Battles of Brigadier Rajinder Singh, Saviour of Kashmir 1947” ,along with Col Akay K Raina.

The book throws ample light on the valour and role of Brig Rajinder Singh, MVC (P), who is considered by many as the Saviour of Kashmir during the 1947 invasion of Kashmir Valley by Pakistani army-led lashkars. The book describes the events along Jhelum Valley road – it rolls out facts that no one has highlighted before. Both the authors are from J&K, both Army veterans with Gen Jamwal being the first and the last General of the State Forces. Based on the first hand accounts, the work also has a major portion dedicated to the games played by the British and their role in creating such a situation in 1947. The book narrates what has never been told before!

Unravelling conspiracies, contradictions in J&K

Brigadier Rajinder Singh and J& K State forces, those who sarificed their life do not get the recognition in history. If Rajinder singh had not blocked the invaders from Pakistan for 5 days, we would have lost Kashmir, General Jamwal underscores. Dogra history in general and Maharaja Hari Singh and J&K state forces in particular have been maligned, he points out adding as a result the history of the Dogras has been totally distorted.

My aim is to remove these distortions and also make my Dogras read about themselves and their contribution to the history of the country. – Maj Gen Jamwal

There are many distortions in the narrative which has to be corrected and time has come now with the Union Territory of J&K under the Lieutenant Governor otherwise it will be history totally distorted.

General Jamwal has countered and hit out at two videos from BBC and proved they are false and totally biased.

Retired Dogra and even Gurkha officers of the J&K state have acclaimed the book “Valour & Betrayal” by Geneal Jamwal.

The book lays bare the truth that has been distorted by the notorious Historians and as a result the people of Jammu have suffered immensely.

Book review by Col J P Singh
The Princely State of J&K has been the playground of the British ‘Great Game’ since its inception. That is the sad story of J&K, which has been projected to the world differently by different historians. While doing so, they have obviously catered to the interest of powers that were influencing the geo-politics of the sub-continent. Worst of all is the misrepresentation of the facts of circumstances and events of accession of J&K after the partition of India in 1947. Untold stories of the valour of Dogras of J&K and the conspiracies and betrayal of J&K by various national and international forces before and during the accession are now out in the open with the release of this book. CLICK here to read more

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  1. […] Maj Gen Goverdhan Singh Jamwal, author of “Valour and Betrayal” has questioned and rubbished Ved Bhasin’s narrative by stating that he is absolutely wrong. Gen Jamwal has said: “Our  battalions were mixed and there were Muslim officers in non-Muslim Battalions and Maharaja Hari Singh himself did not believe in segregating his soldiers on the basis of religion. He did not order Colonel Narayan Singh to replace his Muslim company posted at the most strategic area that controlled the only bridge on river kishanganga where they attacked and killed their all Hindu and Sikh Comrades on 21st October 1947 night.Before that Dogra Muslim soldiers of 2 J&K infantry had killed all The Gorkha Comrades at Tharochi Fort in Jammu sector. Ved Bhasin or those from the Media or the so icalled  intellectuals also do not talk of them.” […]


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