Target killings in Kashmir: Government should not spare anyone who supports terrorists verbally

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Taking off by quoting Sualeh Keen’s assertion “Terrorism doesn’t come out of nowhere, it starts with the normalization of kafir phobia…” Ram Ramkmar draws a very pertinent analogy by observing in a facebook post: “Very true. Hitler couldn’t have murdered 6 million Jews without the active participation of millions of willing German and East European Christian executioners. There were willing collaborationist executioners all over Western Europe too, all Christians.”

Sharing Sualeh Keen’s post, Ramkumar writes – The hatred of the ‘Christ killer’ Jew, ‘blood libel’, etc, had a sordid 2,000 year history that led to the gas chambers. No Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, or Jains participated in the mass murder that went on for over 6 years. Khafir phobia is bad enough. But it is visceral kafir hatred that is drilled into impressionable minds from childhood. Madarsahs should be totally banned throughout India.

Civilians have been assassinated by Pakistan sponsored Kashmiri terrorists in Kashmir and it’s hardly a shocking news. Terrorists have shot and killed seven people – 4 of them from the Hindu and Sikh minority communities – in Kashmir in October 2021. It has been reported that 26 people, including political workers, have been killed in Kashmir this year in targeted attacks. Terrorists shot dead Principal Satinder Kaur and teacher Deepak Chand of Boys Higher Secondary School in Srinagar’s Sangam Eidgah on Thursday. Earlier on Tuesday, Makhan Lal Bindroo, a popular Kashmiri Pandit and owner of famous pharmacy in Srinagar’s Iqbal Park, Virendra Paswan a ‘chaat’ vendor from Bihar, and Bandipora resident Mohammad Shafi Lone, were also killed.

Sualeh writes: “Terrorism doesn’t come from out of nowhere, it starts with normalisation of Kafir-phobia by white-collar terrorists masquerading as “civil society” like this piece of shit Mubeen Shah and thousands like him who agree with him or support similar Hindu-specific xenophobic politics, while welcoming illegal Rohingya aliens in J&K because they’re Muslims. But image-conscious Goverment that the Left-liberal gang prefers to call fascist released this hatemonger (including the Gupkar Gang who made xenophobia mainstream in the first place) from preventive detention and still ignores all those people who spew out venom at Hindus and “outsiders” and celebrate the death of Indian soldiers and Kashmiri policemen on social media. Nothing will change unless both terrorists as well as their ideological supporters are treated as accomplices. Let freedom of speech go to hell because Kashmir has been made into a hell by terrorists and their supporters. Government should not spare anyone who even as much as supports terrorists verbally.”

Ram Ramkumar lives in Seattle, USA. He is a JNU alumnus and works as a consultant at Microsoft. Formerly he was with SBI (Bhopal Circle), RBI Madras, Federal Reserve Board Washington (bank analyst). His father was 3-term Congress MP from Madras.

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