Israel today: Likud has demanded that Lapid and Bennett make public all coalition agreements

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Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted on Thursday 3 June : “Bennett sold the Negev to RAAM (faction). All right-wing Knesset members must oppose this dangerous left-wing government.”

Tel Aviv: The Likud has demanded that Lapid and Bennett put in public domain all coalition agreements to form a left-wing government: “What do they have to hide?” Likud has asked.

The attorney for Likud has served an open notice to Lapid on “Requirement to publish the coalition agreements to the public”.

The notice says:”On behalf of my client, the Likud faction in the Knesset, I have the privilege to ask you to immediately publish to the public the coalition agreements, on which you relied in your opinion of yesterday, June 2, 2021, in honor of the President to state that you have managed to form a government.

The notice says- “In your message to the President, you stated that the government will be a coalition government and that it will consist of eight factions, including the right, the women, the new hope, and Labor.”

Until the date of this letter, the notice underscores, you (Lapid) have not yet published to the public the eight coalition agreements, as required by section 1 of the Government Law, 2001

Replying to Likud Party, Yossef Tzvieli has tweeted:

And we demand that the Likud bring its coalition agreements that have been signed over the years. Drooling. bring it on

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