What was, is not what will be: Netanyahu on Israel’s war against terror

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Ceasefire after 11 days of war

Tel Aviv : Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday 21 May spoke with 70 foreign Ambassadors and diplomats and shared with them the truth and the facts about Israel’s battle to defend its people.

The Israeli PM said:

“When we embarked on a campaign, I defined its main goal: to strike a severe blow to terrorist organisations, to undermine their capabilities and to restore calm while establishing deterrence.

That’s exactly what we did.

Not everything is known to the public yet, but our set of achievements will be revealed over time.

We did bold and innovative things, without being drawn into unnecessary adventures.

Operation “The Guardian of the Walls” is designed to guard the walls of the country, but I see my mission also to guard the mothers, the sons, our soldiers, to prevent unnecessary cost in human life.

Indeed, we caused maximum damage to Hamas, with a minimum of casualties to Israel, and of course we mourn every loss of life.

We inflicted very severe blows on Hamas and changed the equation. If Hamas thinks we will suffer a barrage of rockets – it is wrong.

We will respond with a different intensity to any manifestation of aggression against our human settlements and the State of Israel.

What was, is not what will be.”

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