Women hockey team training to peak at right time: Midfielder Monika

Waming Up Monika photo courtesy: WORLDSPORTPICs © FRANK UIJLENBROEK

Harpal  Singh Bedi

New Delhi: As Tokyo Olympics nears the Women’s hockey team’s training programme is getting more intense and focused.

According to versatile midfielder Monika ” Our focus is to improve each day and be ready for the Games and the entire group is mentally prepared”

Talking to Hockey India in Bengaluru Monika said that  the coaching staff is planning week-on-week training in such a way that the team peaks at the right time. 

“The focus now is to keep improving on our strengths and work on the week points. Our aim is to peak at the right time. 

“Every player’s workload is taken into consideration and improvement is mapped accordingly. Our awareness about each session, how it helps, what it’s for etc is much better now than before. 

The  midfielder  asserted that team is in the right mind-set to achieve their goal. “We have had a few setbacks with some of our players testing positive, but they are all well and back to training now. We don’t want to think of the issues that are out of our control.,”. 

Explaining the training schedule of the team  Monika sad  “It is always a red session,” 

 “Red sessions are mostly higher-intensity training sessions where we focus on match intensity with the idea of superseding match intensity with small-sided variations.” 

Further elaborating she said “Each session is either focused on speed or endurance or direction focused. We have about two-three such sessions a week. Those are the days when our fitness levels are really tested. Each day we train anywhere between 2 hours to 4.5 hours”.  

Earlier, we would just blindly focus what Coaches said but now each player keeps a chart that’s uploaded on to Google docs where the Scientific Advisor Wayne Lombard monitors crucial aspects such as sleep, recovery etc. “Surely, we have become more tech-savvy,”…”We maintain a chart that has details of what we do the entire day. We need to mention details of activity we pursue for recovery such as number of minutes spent for massage or ice bath or pool session etc.” We also record the number of hours we sleep. I feel by doing these activities on our own, the coaching staff also inculcated a lot more awareness about how we must take care of our bodies and remain injury free,”  she added.


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