COVID crisis: Stop maligning India

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A post that’s gone viral on social networks blasts those sections of the media that are working overtime to malign the image of India over the handling of the COVID situation. Newsroom24x7 is reproducing the post titled “Comparison between US and India” doing rounds on social media.

Comparison US and India

Total cases so far
US – 3.34 Cr / India – 2.19 Cr

Total Population
US – 33 Cr / India – 139 Cr

Total Covid Deaths
US – 594K / India – 238K

Total Active Cases
US – 65 lac / India 37.31 Lac

Per Capita Income
US – $ 54000 / India $ 1700

US successful / India unsuccessful!!

Health infrastructure in US is 10 times better than India.

Whose fault?
Modi? No. Governments which ruled India for maximum years since independence. That is Congress!

Media / hypocrite educated illiterate paid journalists who go after Modi for everything to get popular.

When was the election in US? Right in the middle of Pandemic. Did you read any reports from these same journalist blaming US for election?No.

US denied raw material for making vaccines to India resulting in slowing down the pace of vaccination. Did these journalist write about the same? No.

US people are in crisis over job loss. Any journalist highlights the same? No.

In US dead bodies of Covid patients were kept in cold storage / refrigerated because they could not handle so many dead bodies. In India, the culture is to cremate dead bodies immediately so you see queues at shmasans. These journalists used this as photo op and publicity!

There were pictures from China / US / Europe where dead bodies were lying outside hospitals. Did anyone highlight those? No. But our paid journalists use such opportunity to fill their pockets.

So stop reading and spreading the negativity. Start realising what actual India is. What is the capacity of India in handling pandemic and then compare how it is handling! Opposition parties have single agenda. Month back all were saying lockdown is not an option. Now the same bunch is saying lockdown is the only option. So if these guys are experts then why they change their opinions!

It’s human psychology, whatever is repeated again and again in front of people, they will start getting influenced by that and start believing it. So rise above the herd psychology!

If you understand this then fine else you are just a hater with one agenda of bringing down India because currently it’s lead by Modi!!

One comment

  1. Wow, awesome job breaking it down for idiots and haters.
    Thank you for highlighting all the details and data. It’s very helpful to understand and share it with those that are falling for the lies fed to them.


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