Ask these questions before donating to CM’s Vaccine Fund

Ajit Kumar Singh

Jaipur: Before you donate to (Rajasthan) CM’s Vaccine Fund, do ask the following questions from the Congress, as they were asked by it at the time when the PM Cares Fund was set up:

1.Will it be audited by the CAG?
2.Who will decide its usage?
3.Will it be used by the Congress for Party’s campaign and minority appeasement ?
4.Why has it enhanced the salary of Madrassas’ teachers when the Govt. has shortage of funds for the public welfare?
5.Why did Rajasthan give away its vaccines to Punjab?
6.Why did Congress spread misinformation against the vaccine?
7.Congress’ stand is that Modi is responsible for the second wave. Then why isn’t it launching mass movement against him and blocking the National Highway, the way it did against the Farm Bills.
8.Why isn’t it asking financial help from the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, which is flushed with funds?
9.Will it stop wasting taxpayers’ money to keep its promise to doll out freebies to farmers?

Ajit Kumar Singh is an ex-bureaucrat from the 1983 batch of the IAS (Rajasthan cadre)

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