2nd wave of COVID and the Nandurbar success story

Arman Ghosh

Nandurbar district in Maharashtra not only has managed to control the COVID-19 positivity rate to a significant extent but also brought it down by 30%. To be precise, the daily active cases have decreased from 1,200 to 300 in this district. This at a time when the second wave of COVID is sweeping across India. 

Dr Rajendra Bharud, Nandurbar District Collector

The credit for this goes to Nandurbar District Collector Dr Rajendra Bharud who responded to the situation well in time. He took cue from the second wave of COVID that had hit a few countries and.did not allow any complacency to set in.

The Nandurbar Collector mobilised resources to set up oxygen plants and put in place a system to supply oxygen directly to medical care facilities through pipelines instead of the regular cylinders. His team, comprising administration staff, doctors and volunteers, also deserves full credited.

Best practice: the Collector factored CSR as an important part of the strategy to combat and contain COVID. In photo: an ambulance received from the Oswal group.

Click to read the Nandurbar success story

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