Why the District Magistrate should be sacked

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A video showing a District Magistrate’s tyranny and his brutal and unlawful behaviour towards the hosts and guests at a wedding function, when they had overstepped the time limit permitted under prohibitory orders for COVID, has gone viral on social networks and people are cursing the officer without end.

When a gentleman approached the District Magistrate seeking some degree of consideration in the most polite manner the officer asked of him “What time is the night curfew”. The gentleman replied “it is at 10 but the auspicious time is 11”.

The DM shot back saying “Then you do it at home inside a room. You please read 144 order carefully”. At this moment the District Magistrate suddenly went hyper and without minding his profanities said in the most hideous, uncouth and demeaning manner: 

“You seem to be an educated person. Don’t talk like a bloody villager and an uneducated person”. With these words, the District Magistrate even ended up casting aspersions and insulting all the villagers of India. For this one remark, he should be dismissed from service and made to serve a sentence.

It is important to note, when the gentleman politely said: “Don’t talk to me like this, I’m a surgeon”, the DM pulled him by his collar, manhandled him and ordered the police to “catch hold of the guy, adding he was “obstructing public servant on duty”.

When the doctor pleaded that it was his sister’s wedding, the DM blabbered “no, no, no, obstructing District Magistrate on duty. Arrest him. 353 Arrest him”.

The District Magistrate is seen ordering the arrest of even women. One wonders, whether or not the District Magistrate is aware of the law of the land. Does he not know that women police officers should be associated where women are arrested, that too, arrest of women between sunset or sunrise has to be avoided, according to National Human Rights Commission guidelines on arrest.

The District Magistrate in this video should be tried for misuse of authority, for taking the law into his own hands,  raising his hands on people who were not posing any threat to enforcement of prohibitory orders under CrPC 144. Question arises: Who made him a District Magistrate? 

5 Tripura MLAs write to state chief secretary demanding enquiry into the incident & immediate suspension of West Tripura DM Shailesh Kumar Yadav for his actions in marriage ceremonies at Manikya Court, Agartala

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