DMK’s vulgarity is legendary

Ram Ramkumar

In this video, we have  Senthamizhan Seeman,
leader of Tamil Nadu party,  Naam Tamizhar, which means “We Are Tamils”,  railing against the vulgar casteism of the Dravidian barbarians.

“You are willing to accept Muslims and Christians in Tamil Nadu as true Tamils, although they have been here only a few centuries. But abuse brahmins who have lived on TN soil for several millennia longer and referred to as Aryans and Parpaan – both these words are used as a derogatory term for brahmins. 

You have taught us that poet Bharathi and  UV Swaminatha Iyer, popularly called UVS are not true Tamils!  And display your vulgarity and bigotry by calling them ‘Parpaan’! Is there anyone who has done more for Tamil than these great men? 

UVS was a Tamil scholar and researcher who was instrumental in bringing many long-forgotten works of classical Tamil literature
to light. It was primarily due to his efforts that the world came to know the literary output of the ancient Tamils and their past.

Tamil poet and nationalist Subramania Bharati, who inspired the freedom movement with his songs, equated UVS with the Sage Agastya.

In his words: ”So long as Tamils live, poets will venerate you and pay obeisance to you.”

Rabindranath Tagore met UVS, the ‘grand old man of Tamil literature’, in 1926 in Chennai. Tagore especially had penned a poem honoring the efforts of UVS to salvage ancient classical Tamil literary works from palm leaf manuscripts.

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