Social Media: Bad attitude, bad language, bad form

Ram Ramkumar

Why do some folks come to others’ FB walls to post abusive stuff and cuss words? And do so without offering a substantive point of view, even if it is to disagree? Is it because they lack the knowledge or intelligence to have an informed opinion? Maybe they are unable to articulate a coherent view in English? Perhaps both? Such inadequacies are understandable. But just posting cuss words as a substitute hardly does them credit.

Someone posted a cuss word (and nothing else) in response to my post on Sadhguru last week. I deleted it and posted a polite cease-and-desist. To no avail, the same person posted today an abusive term (and nothing else) for Modi!

From time to time, even long term friends as well as FB only friends have posted offensive personal comments based purely on political disagreement. Most of the time, the offender has been a JNU Luleli from Kerala! Not this time though.

What drives such behavior is hard to understand. Personal feelings of inadequacy or frustrations perhaps. Or just plain stupidity. Either way, to such people, I say stop it!

Ram Ramkumar lives in Seattle, USA. He is a JNU alumnus and works as a consultant at Microsoft. Formerly he was with SBI (Bhopal Circle), RBI Madras, Federal Reserve Board Washington (bank analyst). His father was a 3-term Congress MP from Madras.

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