Tata Motors should apologise; demand intensifies for withdrawal of controversial video

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Pandit Amit Khampariya, Founder of Shaheed Samman Samiti in Jabalpur on Tuesday 20 April 2021

Bhopal/Jabalpur: Sanatan Mission has written a letter to N Chandrasekaran Non-Executive Director and Chairman Board of Tata Sons drawing attention to the objectionable video released by Tata Motors and is now circulating on social networks.

In Jabalpur, Shaheed Samman Samiti, nationalist organisation also joined Sanatan Mission on Tuesday in asking Tata Motors to tender an apology and immediately call back the video from the public domain. Founder of Shaheed Samman Samiti Pandit Amit Khampariya issued the firm warning that Tata Motors has a deadline of one week to withdraw the controversial video or else face opposition across the world.

In the present video, all the characters are Muslims except the driver – named Lalit who gas been shown in a poor light. Obviously the video, which is in Arabic, has been made for the Arab world to mark the month of Ramzan.

Sanatan Mission has not ruled out the possibility that the Rata Motors video was made and released in the public domain by some company functionaries with mischievous intent.

Sanatan Mission has pointed out how last year, In the wake of widespread protest from the majority Hindus, Tanishq – a jewelry company owned by the Tata Group – was left with no option but to withdraw a controversial video from the public domain featuring a pregnant Hindu woman all decked up for baby shower in a Muslim household.

The intention and emphasis in both these videos/advertisements involving the Hindus is obvious, it has been stated while asking why Tata group companies are producing such videos? The Tanishq-Tata Motors coordinates are too jarring and cannot be missed or ignored.

It appears that it is the work of some rogue elements who have penetrated the institution and are working to wreck its reputation, Sanatan Mission has been emphasised while demanding that Tata Motors should tender an apology and withdraw from the public domain the controversial video. Steps should also be taken to stop such mischievous depiction of the members of the majority community.

People are angry – this is what they are saying on Social Media

Has Tata Motors gone mad? Does Mr. Ratan Tata approve of this ad?
Seems somebody is trying to defame Tata Motors. Ratan Tata might never be aware of such ad…

Ho sakta hain TATA MOTORS mein bhi hamare kucch bureaucrats k tarah udhar bhi aise nomuna baithe hain……jo apna agenda chala rahe hain…..🤔🤔

The ad manager of Tanishq is ‘peaceful‘ person having same mental trait as ‘peacefuls‘ who are spitting in your food..!!Those who r saying “so what it‘s only ad“ would have no problem with contaminated food saying “so what it‘s only holy spit“..!!!

Definitely and it is happening very often. First Tanishq ad, now this.
May the person behind both is same The afgani lady as maker.

That‘s two strikes for Tata!

Updated: 21April 2021; 1003 hrs

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