Sanatan Mission asks Tata Motors to apologise and withdraw from public domain its video showing driver as Hindu and in poor light

Why people are objecting to video produced by Tata Motors

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Sanatan Mission has echoed the sentiments and feelings of the Hindus and followers of Sanatan dharma and condemned in strong terms a video produced by Tata Motors depicting a driver as a Hindu and showing him in poor light.

Founder of Sanatan Mission Lalit Shastri, who is also popular as Guru Lalitendra, has demanded that Tata Motors should apologise and withdraw from public domain its video showing driver as Hindu and in poor light.

Video in Hindi (हिंदी में वीडियो)

To register its objection, Sanatan Mission has produced a video showing few clippings from the objectionable video by Tata Motors, which has been produced in Arabic especially to mark the month of Ramzan. 

It could be said that the video in question is for audience in the middle-East and Saudi Arabia but still it has come under sharp criticism as it shows a Hindu driver in poor light. 

Even if the video is for the Arab world, the onus lies on the Tata Motors and the Tata Group and they shall have to explain why they have belittled a Hindu driver by showing him as incompetent.

Last year, In the wake of widespread protest from the majority Hindus, Tanishq, a jewellery group owned by the Tata Group, was left with no option but to withdraw a controversial video from the public domain featuring a pregnant Hindu woman all decked up for baby shower in a Muslim household.

Question arises, why Tata is repeatedly doing this. What’s their agenda.

From promoting inter-faith marriage between Hindus and Muslims through the Tanishq video last year to Tata Motors now putting a video in the public domain showing a Hindu driver as incompetent, the wheel has gone full circle.

The Tanishq-Tata Motors coordinates are too jarring and cannot be missed or ignored.

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